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The Spot-on Sundial - a new concept in sundials


Suppliers of Plinths and Pedestals

Stoltzman & Thomas
Redwood Stone
Pot Potential
Terracotta from Tuscany



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Plinths and stockists

Links to makers of plinths, retail stockists, and other useful sites

This page is being developed to assist buyers of the Spot-On Sundial to find high-quality plinths for mounting the Spot-On sundial, and to list the retail outlets which stock the Spot-On Sundial. If you would like to suggest any additions to this list, please send us an Email

Retail outlets stocking the Spot-On-Sundial

Clifton Nurseries Clifton Villas, Little Venice, London W9 2PH
Contact: Simon Haines on 0207 289 6851 Opening hours: 08:30 to 17:30 Mon - Sat, and 10.00 -16.00 Sunday (slightly extended in summer)

Suppliers of plinths and pedestals

Natural stone plinths from China, suitable for our original Spot-On sundial in brass (above and right) and also for the 15 cm. square stainless steel sundial (below). The stone is a pink/gray/white fleck; some colour variation is inevitable with natural products.

Dimensions: x x H Weight kgs
Price: £82.50 plus delivery
Delivery normally 10 weeks, sometimes 1 or 2 in stock

Spot-On Stone Plinth

PO Box 292, Epsom, KT17 4YP


01 372 725 742

Stoltzman & Thomas

F21 Parkhall Road Trading Estate,
40 Martell Road, Dulwich, London SE21 8EN


Visitors by appointment, please

020 8670 6464


Hand-made plinths (which can be supplied with drilled fixing holes and the Spot-On Sundial fitted if required). All the plinths are made in one piece.



(Top left) Medium plinth, 42 x 28 cm. £125 (inc. mainland delivery)



(Top right) Large plinth, 62 x 27 cm, £180 (inc. mainland delivery)



(Right) Base plinth, 51 x 34 cm, £180 inc. mainland delivery)



This firm also makes a very wide range of most attractive self- contained water features. Please ring us for a catalogue!

Redwood Stone

The Stoneworks, West Horrington, Wells,
Somerset BA5 3EH
Tel: 01 749 677 777 Fax: 01 749 671 177



Tudor Plinth RP06 £82.50 (left) base 13 in. top 13 in. height 30 in. Weight 144 lb.



Small Tudor Plinth RP05 £57.75 (below) base 13 in. top 13 in, height 17 in, Weight 96 lb.



Model RP01 £47.25 (below right) base 13 in. top 13 in, height 17 in



Prices quoted do not include VAT or delivery (usually around £30)

Model RPO5

Model RP01

Model RP01A

Model RBL01

Model RRBL05

Model RP01A £55.00 (top left) base 11.25 in. top, 11.25 in. height 21.25 in.



Model RBL01 £30.25 (top) base 7 in. top, 7 in. height, 22 in.



Model RRBL05 £30.25 (right) base 7 in. top, 7 in. height, 22 in.



Prices quoted do not include VAT or delivery (usually around £30)



The Redwood Stone website illustrates many other designs.

Pot Potential

140 The Causeway, Steventon, Oxfordshire


Viewing by appointment only


Tel: 01235 820930
Fax: 01235 863688
M: 07957 595576


Price of plinth on application





Please see our website at www.fosstone.co.uk


Tel: 01904 750910



Please contact Claire or Martin Hoggart for further details.

Terracotta from Tuscany

Farnham Common Nurseries,
Crown Lane, Farnham Royal,
Slough, Bucks SL2 3SF



Colometta Artistica model "E" 37/930 price £262.00



Tel and fax: 01 753 643 186 M: 07 901 641 826



You are invited to visit us at Farnham Common Nurseries where we have on display a wide range of superb hand-made urns, jars, pots, statues, plaques, fountains in Terracotta from Tuscany - Rita Palmucci

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